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Intuitive Yoga Classes

Inner Empress Yoga is all about stepping onto your mat and into your power. Guided by Sheena Lee Colleen, these dynamic slow-flow classes inspire students to move with authenticity. They weave mindfulness, meditation, and philosophy throughout to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and strong. And while Sheena is there to share yoga with you, her deeper mission is to help you connect with your own intuition so you can practice the yoga that’s right for you.

Sheena completed her 200 hr yoga teacher taining in 2016 at Yogaspace in Toronto, a beautiful and well-respected teacher training program. There, Sheena focused on vinyasa and hatha yoga, which she combines in her signature slow-flow classes.

She is now advancing her studies in Yoga For All, a body positive and accessible yoga training that takes an empowering and realistic approach to western yoga. In March 2019, she will begin her 300 hr  yoga teacher training, specializing in restorative yoga, trauma-informed yoga, yoga as a healing modality, adaptive yoga, and therapeutic yoga.


Intuitive yoga is welcoming and inclusive to all.

Slow Flow

Inner Empress Yoga favours a slow flow approach to practice that encourages mindful movement and deep connection.

Sheena encourages students to learn how to listen to their bodies, so you know exactly what your body is asking from you in each pose as we move throughout our practice together.

We move with mindful  intention and approach the practice from a place of respect that starts with acknowledging respect to our selves.

Let’s Have Fun

So many teachers take yoga super seriously, but Sheena likes to have fun in her classes!

It is not unusual to experience some laughs in Sheena’s classes. We try not to disrupt the flow, but if a moment of sunshine presents itself students are encouraged to embrace it.

On occassion we’ve been known to dance. Dancing unleashes the wild woman within, and Inner Empress is all about acquainting you with your inner wild child.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Our classes together usually start and end with some sort of meditation.

We are reminded throughout to use yoga as a tool for mindfulness, which is recognizing what is happening in our bodies and with our breath at this moment and without judgment.

Sheena views breathwork (pranayama) as the most important part of a yoga practice. This is where the calm comes from.

Teaching Schedule (coming soon!)

Sheena is currently teaching private corporate yoga classes during the week, but will be announcing Inner Empress Yoga classes and workshops soon. Stay tuned my wild ones!