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Discover Your Inner Empress

with Sheena Lee Colleen
Wild one,

You’ve found yourself here for a reason. Perhaps you heard a howl from deep within the belly of your soul and you’re wondering what might happen if you howled back.  Maybe you’ve found yourself drawn to the light and you’re ready to start moving away from the darkness. Maybe you too have connected with yoga or tarot or spirituality, and you’ve realized there is guidance out there once you allow yourself the openess to receive it. Maybe you’re still looking for a sign. Maybe this is it.

Inner Empress is the work of yoga teacher and tarot reader Sheena Lee Colleen. It is the sharing of a journey, an answer to a once quiet call, an exploration of spirituality and meaning in our lives.
It is the story of a woman as she begins to discover her most wild and authentic self. It is here where she hopes to encourage others to unlock their feminine power through the guidance of yoga and tarot.

Yoga and tarot are the foundation of my spirituality.

About Sheena

I wasn’t always a yoga-loving, crystal-wearing, tarot-reading moon lady that smells of peppermint and palmarosa. I was a different kind of wild child.

By the time I found myself on a yoga mat in the spring of 2014, I was desperate for change. I had found myself face to face with the depths of my own struggles, and was forced to confront the crushing depression, anxiety, and body issues that had plagued me for more than half my life. Yoga was out of character for me, but I was a woman in despair and this was an act of utter surrender.

I practically collapsed on my mat, one of those purple ones that came with a VHS tape I’d received as a gift at least a dozen Christmases before (back when I was all about Billy Blanks, not downward dogs and planks!). And I cried. Oh, how the tears took no time to escape. On that mat with nowhere to go but within, I sobbed as quietly as I could into the ambiance of the studio lights, to the tenderness of the teacher’s voice, to the dull of the overcast sky as I walked back home 75 minutes later.

I had been trying to avoid myself and my own mind for so long, that it had never occurred to me that perhaps the answers I’d been looking for were within. I started to explore yoga more, which ultimately led to me exploring myself. I started asking myself the tough questions. Who am I? Why do I feel the way I feel? What is it that I truly want? What is my purpose in life?

This path led me to mindfulness meditation, to crystals and gemstones, to essential oils and the beauty of nature, to my yoga teacher training, and of course, back to tarot, a casual curiosity throughout my life that has since become a trusted friend. On this journey, I have met so many others who are also on spiritual quests, and it has encouraged me to be more open about my own story, to share my lessons and learnings with others as I go along.

And now I’m here. Teaching yoga. Reading tarot. Working in marketing by day. Howling at the moon by night. Continuing to explore spirituality. Continually learning more about how to embrace my Inner Empress and give myself permission to be my most wild and authentic self. How did I ever live without gifting myself this freedom? 

I’m so glad you’ve found your way to Inner Empress. This is just the beginning of what I hope one day will be a glorious community of women showing no shame in being who they are, going after what they want, and celebrating one another for doing the same.

Welcome to the pack,

Sheena Lee Colleen

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