Inner Empress Yoga

Free Your Inner Empress

Step onto your mat and into your power


Intuitive yoga classes and tarot readings to help you connect with your Inner Empress, that fiery part of your soul that is your wild, most authentic self


Sheena’s welcoming  yoga classes inspire you to discover your practice on your own terms. Let your breath be your guide as you journey through intuitive and fun hatha flows that are beautifully accessible to students of all experience levels. Sheena is completing additional training in body positive & accessible yoga.  Find out when her next class is here.


Sheena uses tarot as an intuitive, meditative tool to connect with the present moment. She turns to tarot as a guide to help identify narratives that are already happening in our lives and to connect with the intuitive body needed to make decisions that are right for us. If you’re looking for insight into your life, a reading with Sheena can help you find clarity.


Inner Empress is all about stepping into your power by owning who you already are. The blog explores tarot, yoga, spirituality, philosophy, and mindfulness as intuitive pathways for understanding and loving ourselves.  Based in Toronto, Ontario, Sheena also blogs about her local yoga and tarot community and related happenings in the city.


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